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Discover the Incredible New Positively Inspiring App: Flixso

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Change the world through positively inspiring others. Create custom-dubbed videos and help build a global, happy, and inspirational social network!

Every day, each of us has up to 60,000 different thoughts that race through our minds. Of these thoughts, an overwhelming 80% of them are negative. Are you tired of being bombarded with endless negativity and bad news? Isn't it time to start positively changing the world, rather than focusing on everything that's wrong with it? If you're ready to change negative to positive, there's a new app designed to help you do just that. Keep reading to learn how Flixso can bring positive inspiration and change to your life and the lives of those you connect with.

What Is Flixso?

Flixso is an exciting new social media platform dedicated to positively inspiring others. There's no room here for negativity, whether in politics, social issues or other matters — Flixso is a safe haven to leave those worries behind and focus on positive change. With Flixso, it's easy to create and share positive videos, photos, songs, and inspirational quotes with your audience. You'll launch your own channel to share your message with the world, and users can easily sign up to follow your latest posts. Considering that 18% of adults are dealing with anxiety disorders, your positive message can be just the boost they need to feel better.

In addition to sharing dubbed videos, you can follow your favorite inspirational dubbers from around the world. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to a global community of like-minded people who also want to change negative to positive.

What Can I Do With the Flixso App?

So, why should you choose Flixso as your platform for positivity? For many users, it's their go-to source to audio dubb inspirational videos, but that's only the beginning of what Flixso can do.

Once you set up your channel, the sky's the limit for what you can create and share with your audience. You can create funny or uplifting videos, GIFs, or music about happiness, health, and well-being. You can send your creations directly to friends and followers and easily post them on other social media channels.

Want to upload short inspirational stories? Connect with your audience via audio or video chat? Enjoy a newsfeed full of positively inspiring content rather than negative news? Flixso offers all of that and more!

Like other social media channels, it's easy to like, share, follow, tag, and comment. You'll enjoy interacting with your followers as well as other users who are as passionate about positivity as you are. You can even invite followers to write and share their own positive content on your channel.

Ready to Positively Inspire Others? Download Flixso Today

Sometimes it feels like we need to take monumental steps to create positive change in our lives.

In fact the opposite is often true. Sometimes all it takes to lift our spirits is an inspiring video or a few positive quotes about change and happiness. Are you ready to be the person who spreads happiness and positively inspires others? Download Flixso from the Google Play or App Store and start creating positive change today.

Do you have more questions about how the app works or how to use it? Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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